Fight fit for a King



In order to have a fight Fit For A King you need a king for for a fight.

One of the greatest analogies of this is when I look back on when I used to play the card game War when I was a kid so if that’s the rules of the game whoever has the highest card wins.

And so as the game goes you see that the highest card wins and in the higher it goes in the more power that the card has.

A person playing this card game War has drawn up for hours and hours and there’s this elongated due to the fact that this game has a mission which is the secure all of the cars from all of the other posing players who are also playing the war game with you.

One of the biggest things is that you want to make sure that you made use of the power cards that you have which are the highest ones that you didn’t want to waste time on small cards.

Some of the most epic battles are won to Dueling higher cards are coming in the window slightly higher is able to drop the other one and then offset it and come away with the victory.

Like maybe you had a good one of the first face cards supposed to know a Jack and maybe you put it out and thought it was going to carry weight and somebody came with a queen or King and trumped your assumed victory.

Now we can even have an example in terms of companies bigger vs smaller.

We can take this illustration as it relates to our companies in the towing industry and maybe one that was started with in the past five years versus more experienced ones such as

Now if these two companies are servicing in the same area and are competing for the same customers than you would imagine that the one with the higher rank with pull out on top.

I mean who would you call when you need roadside assistance by tow truck driver, you would call who has more experience in the game.


The Fight that was Won


Is the fight that is Celebrated every Easter or Resurrection Sunday.

we understand the concept of grace that is the form of the blood of a savior that was shed for everything wrong that has been done and will be done, And we live with the comforting belief that every time that we missed the mark has already been covered and price has already been paid for when we genuinely seek forgiveness.

However that’s not to say that there won’t be repercussions if you break the law and things that you have to deal with physically, No matter how sorry you feel in your heart, but the acceptance of the way, the truth, and the light.

So at the end of the day live free you don’t have to be carrying the burdens of things that have happened in your past.

There is Grace for our doubts and unbelief.

It is also very important to bring up that we want to be mindful of those who use our failures and past to manipulate our actions and emotions. Unfortunately this is a reality in some instances or even from the pulpit there will be individuals playing on A translation of something that was meant to be a blessing yet twisting it into something that it makes you feel low and condemned. Let us learn to discern these wolves in sheep’s clothing and keep our self safe as we strive to live a life free!

Because he who the son sets free, he is free indeed.

Fighting On the Field


A classic example of modern day titans exemplifying a true Fighting promotion.


The way that the game is dealt with in terms of its intensity.

With coming out to the understanding that everything in the field is dictated by strict guidelines and principles one of the first and for most is the reason of wins and losses .

Gotta pay attention to the rules of the game together realize that if you to make it to the big time you got to be diligent during The time the sweat blood and tears behind the Scenes work so that you will be prepared when you’re ready to be displayed in the major spotlight.

What makes the Championship seem possible?

We realize that those who have risen to the status of that which is elite have put in invested different amounts of passion blood sweat and tears into their craft, And have therefore become valuable on the field and have applied their efforts in their skills to display on the sports field.

To be able to have a winning season and then hopefully be able to rise to the championship level of competition.

There’s a saying by a great man that says that if you fall to plan, you plan to fail.

Our challenge to you is to realize that if you are one of those players have been warming the bench throughout the football seasons because maybe you have not yet made it to the starting lineup is to stay tuned in to our updates and grow with us!

Fighting Time


Does it ever feel to you like you are in a race against the clock.

That you just have a lot to do but not a lot of time to do it in there for frustration you feel like you need to somehow find a way to find a margin to be able to get to where you gotta go

But then you rebound if you can backup that connected us to realize that okay so you see that that’s your destination so the time that it takes for you to get there you make it happen quickly lickety split.

Everyone has their issues in the Grievances in their problems in their trials and tribulations as we all do personally and sometimes it helps sometimes otherwise.

And no matter what day of the week it is no matter what the weather is outside weather the rain clouds will be storming in brewing in and bringing rain drops out onto the head and fertilizer grass.

Or even the other kind of grass because there is a grass is still is a like I take that it takes it to the grass of medicine from the Earth to take me to the skies in the heavens.

The Time Is Now or Never literally.

I said it’s time to let the continuation continue to flow through the pain of cold and then very very very pivotal that you stay instrumental with the flow And the way that you let everybody know wassup Fasho.

Ready For Whateva


In how it is and how it needs to be for when the time is one time.

Because now is such a time where you do have to be very diligent and very careful and make sure that you cover all your bases in crossword people that drive Crazy because it is not able to because you didn’t understand the message is being conveyed to the words in a mass of the Moon the constructions of syllables involving this time.

Well slow down mate you’re missing the point I mean it’s the point not easily discernible that we realize that in a fight in a promotion can you tell that you need momentum and a buzz.

I’m not talking about a little while for little for in a little bumblebee buns that it was get you buzzed and putt putting on Florida flowering to get us close enough to your next sweet thang.

It’s actually real life guerrilla warfare momentum in the time in the Revolutionary Time videos.

And so even when you feel the pangs of the things that you are forsaken for a greater reward Through Time dedication perseverance sacrifice and ambition and also obedience.

Is like you done stepped onto the solar training you going down the lines I want to get on this train the trainer said of Glory don’t stop you get to where you gotta go.

The only thing is this is not a train and it’s not listen little cargo ride at an amusement park this real life of Guerrilla warfare ready for action vehicle.

The Real Fight


So out of all of the things I was talking about when we bring up the topic of fighting and fighting promotions.

Wow that was amazing that was just almost possibility of something that could have been and will probably be in the near future as far as the conversation from someone long loved

Maybe you know the feeling maybe you’ve experienced it before when someone calls you where you realize that you haven’t spoken in person so long and maybe they’re on your heart tonight too and see how they are.

Now imagine that same person that you have so much love for maybe just find a catching up with them and imagine that being the person that the police brutality ended their life.

So from here we have to be very careful with all of the messages that we send out to our young people today.

Need to continue to preach on and passwords were young and the Young Generation coming up to know and to think and to be into love and to connect.

See I can speak from personal experience that we do not want to be the one to end up on our deathbeds thinking of all the things you should have did that we didn’t do instead.

All of those days we just made up in our mind that we just don’t want to do anything that would just when it happens our way just relax and let time so I can pass by and not relaxing time it’s now or never.

Fighting Music


Did you know that music is powerful enough to incite people to feel more inclined to fight.

As we look through the timeline of history and see all of the times when in the historical context that music was used as proper preparations of battle and warfare.

And even how they even use Vikings as a symbol within the Opera World in the musical arena. And we can remember as we look upon the times that we’ve seen maybe in a movie or in some other depiction of the Vikings or the Other sailors if you’ll be shipped by the sweat of their brow and sometimes the blood of their back. Yet whether you’re talking the ships that were fuelled by Vikings or even those slave ships over fueled by slaves during the trades, one of the reoccurring things is the drummer or the keeper of the time and simple that was able to use the Rhythm to set the pace of the speed of the ship.

Is there too much Fight music in hip hop culture?

This is been a concern in a place that has been laced up by those who are not too appreciative of the many things that are implicated in many songs that are circulating the young urban culture.

So to step up and apologize and render forward music that fuels the good fight that we are all soldiers of as we step forward with the focus and perseverance that’s necessary to press onward into Destiny

A Fighting Chance


It’s not cheap or easy, but it’s worth it

It’s not the car to be in the ring for every fight, but become a class all your own when you find yourself able to press passes habitations that went to stop and went to settle for the fights that are worth it.

That is not best service you at your highest potential insteaf also not something that the greatest of the greats of the champions even such as the boxing greats saw themselves.

Realizing that the work even in this moment in his time in his farm right now is more about the quantity than the quality of realizing that there us a desire for the art to come back in to the scene.

The promotion like this issue right here this is the fighting chance!

Unparalleled by any other glove any other style any other piece of fight great that allows you to have this level of comfortability and Details that are specifically geared towards the modern-day athlete in the their needs on and off the ring and pavements.

When that limit with that line of limitation comes up that limits you but yet you reconnect with the desire that you have to finish and complete the project and restart Your mind so that you can actually focus until you reach the completion of the task at hand.

To be able to know that you know that you know that your feet are shot with the preparation for the greatest preparation to be ready for the battlefield add we continue to share instructions in our writing.