Fighting Reflexes Like Business Ethics


If you ever step back and consider the speed of the punches that are landing in thrown when you’re in the ring as a boxer.

Then you understand that they are in the matter of milliseconds to the most minuscule amount of time that hands go and come.

Which is an amazing and very good thing if you are the one who is on the side of the one with on the attack and throwing them hands.

On the other side of it if you’re on the defensive end you gotta make sure that your reflexes are secure in tuned up enough so that you’ll have a chance to dodge it.

One of the greatest to ever grace the sport of boxing I was known for his float like a butterfly sting like a bee.

As a matter of fact by profession and confession out of his own mouth he was not one of the greatest he was the greatest of this before in as we all know exactly who this is.

Now how we correlate this to be the topic of the business matter that we weren’t to propose is the fact that sometimes businesses can run just as efficient.

As to say that if you’re having a problem with your vehicle and want for me the other than there is a way that a towing company that have runs by these guidelines can respond very quickly.

Then we realized that I was a plethora of different between companies that you can entertain, is one that is known for their great response.

How does boxing reflexes and auto company arrival times relate?

Because whether in life and on the road or whether in the boxing ring the hits do come and we need to know how to respond to them when they arrive.

Well let’s just say that you were traveling at 70 miles an hour on the highway and that would be like the equivalent of a 300 pound Albanian and bringing the train wreck fist down onto your jaw.

The question that is for you is do you let it take you out the game or do you have quick reflexes and dodge it and get back on the road.


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