Fight fit for a King



In order to have a fight Fit For A King you need a king for for a fight.

One of the greatest analogies of this is when I look back on when I used to play the card game War when I was a kid so if that’s the rules of the game whoever has the highest card wins.

And so as the game goes you see that the highest card wins and in the higher it goes in the more power that the card has.

A person playing this card game War has drawn up for hours and hours and there’s this elongated due to the fact that this game has a mission which is the secure all of the cars from all of the other posing players who are also playing the war game with you.

One of the biggest things is that you want to make sure that you made use of the power cards that you have which are the highest ones that you didn’t want to waste time on small cards.

Some of the most epic battles are won to Dueling higher cards are coming in the window slightly higher is able to drop the other one and then offset it and come away with the victory.

Like maybe you had a good one of the first face cards supposed to know a Jack and maybe you put it out and thought it was going to carry weight and somebody came with a queen or King and trumped your assumed victory.

Now we can even have an example in terms of companies bigger vs smaller.

We can take this illustration as it relates to our companies in the towing industry and maybe one that was started with in the past five years versus more experienced ones such as

Now if these two companies are servicing in the same area and are competing for the same customers than you would imagine that the one with the higher rank with pull out on top.

I mean who would you call when you need roadside assistance by tow truck driver, you would call who has more experience in the game.


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