Fighting Music


Did you know that music is powerful enough to incite people to feel more inclined to fight.

As we look through the timeline of history and see all of the times when in the historical context that music was used as proper preparations of battle and warfare.

And even how they even use Vikings as a symbol within the Opera World in the musical arena. And we can remember as we look upon the times that we’ve seen maybe in a movie or in some other depiction of the Vikings or the Other sailors if you’ll be shipped by the sweat of their brow and sometimes the blood of their back. Yet whether you’re talking the ships that were fuelled by Vikings or even those slave ships over fueled by slaves during the trades, one of the reoccurring things is the drummer or the keeper of the time and simple that was able to use the Rhythm to set the pace of the speed of the ship.

Is there too much Fight music in hip hop culture?

This is been a concern in a place that has been laced up by those who are not too appreciative of the many things that are implicated in many songs that are circulating the young urban culture.

So to step up and apologize and render forward music that fuels the good fight that we are all soldiers of as we step forward with the focus and perseverance that’s necessary to press onward into Destiny

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