Fighting Time


Does it ever feel to you like you are in a race against the clock.

That you just have a lot to do but not a lot of time to do it in there for frustration you feel like you need to somehow find a way to find a margin to be able to get to where you gotta go

But then you rebound if you can backup that connected us to realize that okay so you see that that’s your destination so the time that it takes for you to get there you make it happen quickly lickety split.

Everyone has their issues in the Grievances in their problems in their trials and tribulations as we all do personally and sometimes it helps sometimes otherwise.

And no matter what day of the week it is no matter what the weather is outside weather the rain clouds will be storming in brewing in and bringing rain drops out onto the head and fertilizer grass.

Or even the other kind of grass because there is a grass is still is a like I take that it takes it to the grass of medicine from the Earth to take me to the skies in the heavens.

The Time Is Now or Never literally.

I said it’s time to let the continuation continue to flow through the pain of cold and then very very very pivotal that you stay instrumental with the flow And the way that you let everybody know wassup Fasho.

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