Ready For Whateva


In how it is and how it needs to be for when the time is one time.

Because now is such a time where you do have to be very diligent and very careful and make sure that you cover all your bases in crossword people that drive Crazy because it is not able to because you didn’t understand the message is being conveyed to the words in a mass of the Moon the constructions of syllables involving this time.

Well slow down mate you’re missing the point I mean it’s the point not easily discernible that we realize that in a fight in a promotion can you tell that you need momentum and a buzz.

I’m not talking about a little while for little for in a little bumblebee buns that it was get you buzzed and putt putting on Florida flowering to get us close enough to your next sweet thang.

It’s actually real life guerrilla warfare momentum in the time in the Revolutionary Time videos.

And so even when you feel the pangs of the things that you are forsaken for a greater reward Through Time dedication perseverance sacrifice and ambition and also obedience.

Is like you done stepped onto the solar training you going down the lines I want to get on this train the trainer said of Glory don’t stop you get to where you gotta go.

The only thing is this is not a train and it’s not listen little cargo ride at an amusement park this real life of Guerrilla warfare ready for action vehicle.

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