The Fight that was Won


Is the fight that is Celebrated every Easter or Resurrection Sunday.

we understand the concept of grace that is the form of the blood of a savior that was shed for everything wrong that has been done and will be done, And we live with the comforting belief that every time that we missed the mark has already been covered and price has already been paid for when we genuinely seek forgiveness.

However that’s not to say that there won’t be repercussions if you break the law and things that you have to deal with physically, No matter how sorry you feel in your heart, but the acceptance of the way, the truth, and the light.

So at the end of the day live free you don’t have to be carrying the burdens of things that have happened in your past.

There is Grace for our doubts and unbelief.

It is also very important to bring up that we want to be mindful of those who use our failures and past to manipulate our actions and emotions. Unfortunately this is a reality in some instances or even from the pulpit there will be individuals playing on A translation of something that was meant to be a blessing yet twisting it into something that it makes you feel low and condemned. Let us learn to discern these wolves in sheep’s clothing and keep our self safe as we strive to live a life free!

Because he who the son sets free, he is free indeed.

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