The Real Fight


So out of all of the things I was talking about when we bring up the topic of fighting and fighting promotions.

Wow that was amazing that was just almost possibility of something that could have been and will probably be in the near future as far as the conversation from someone long loved

Maybe you know the feeling maybe you’ve experienced it before when someone calls you where you realize that you haven’t spoken in person so long and maybe they’re on your heart tonight too and see how they are.

Now imagine that same person that you have so much love for maybe just find a catching up with them and imagine that being the person that the police brutality ended their life.

So from here we have to be very careful with all of the messages that we send out to our young people today.

Need to continue to preach on and passwords were young and the Young Generation coming up to know and to think and to be into love and to connect.

See I can speak from personal experience that we do not want to be the one to end up on our deathbeds thinking of all the things you should have did that we didn’t do instead.

All of those days we just made up in our mind that we just don’t want to do anything that would just when it happens our way just relax and let time so I can pass by and not relaxing time it’s now or never.

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